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For prints over 24" x 16", custom orders, and commissioned work please contact Art directly. 

All professional prints are designed to be fade resistant for about 100 years.

2014 'rushing water . 1 by 2 1 by 3 10x 10x exposure 10x exposuregolden 2 by 3 2nd us 3 soldiers 4th 4th of july abington acadia adorondack aerial ballet air force memorial aisle alamo park alley elfreth's american indian museum american indians american robin amish and blue angry animals antelope apartment apples arch arches architecture architecturebeach architecturesunset architecturewalkway arlington art artificial aster atlantic autumn ayla azaleas baby baby ducks backlight baederwood bahy bald balloons bank baptismal barbeque barn basket bay beach beauty belmont plateau ben franklin bench berkeley berries big sur bike billy penn bird birds black black and white black capped black swan blackcapped blackcrowned night bleeding heart bleeding hearts blossom blossoms blue blue moon blue sky blueberries bluejay blur boathouse row boathouses boats bosts bougainvillea bouquet branch breeding bridge bridges bright bromelaid bromeliad brooklyn bridge brown buckeye bud building bunnies bunny buoys burke mountain burrowing burst butterflies butterfly butterfly bush caladium california california poppies californiabridge californialighthouse californiasan francisco californiasunrise calling camden camouflage canal candles candy canoes canopy cape coral cape may cape may lighthouse capitol cardinal carolina wren cathedral causeway ceiling celebration cemetery center chairs changing cherry cherry blossoms cherry tree cherry trees chickadee choir loft christmas christmas tree lights chrysalis church circle city city hall clear cliff clock clouds coas coast coating colds collection color colorful colors colorsreflection columbine columns comcast common cone flowers coneflower cormorant corn corner cosmos country country lane couple court courtyard hotel cove covered covered bridge covering coveringwinter cracking creek crescent crocosmialucifer crystals cubes cubesrittenhouses curtains d d.c. dahlia daisy dalhia daliah damselfly dancing dandelion darkeyed darling hill road darter dc dc washington monument dcthe wall december deck deserted designs dew different sizes digitalis ding darling dirt road dock dogs dogtooth violets dogwood dome door doorway double exposure dove downy dragonfly drama dreamy driveway droplets drops ducks dusk dyeing eagle easter eastern tiger easton rd eastriver eggs egret end of summer endangered episcopal church everglades exterior fairmount fairmount park fall fall color fall leaves falls farm feeder feeding female female cardinal fence fern field fieldd finale finches fire house firewords fireworks fishing flag flags fledgling floor florida flower flowers fog fog bank forbidden drive forest blur forgotten fox fox glove foxglove fragile franklin fritillary frost frozen branch ft. myers beach full garden gardenia gazania geese gen grant statue george washington bridge gerbera ghost trees glacier glenside glensideweldon gold golden golden gate golden retriever goldenrod goldentrunks goldfinch goose neck gorilla gothic gplden graffiti grain grandpa grass grasses grasshopper graves great blue greatblue green gulf gull gw bridge hall halloween hands harbor harvest hat hawk hay heart hearts heron hershey hill hillside hilltop historic hoarfrost honor horizon hotel house house finch houses hovering hpouse hprsham hudson river hummingbird hummingbird moth i bis ibis ice illusion illusionfloating independence indian blanket inn insect insects interior international ivy iwo jima monument japanese jay jefferson memorial jenny farm julia july july 4th july fourth july fourthburst junco kayaks keswick keswick village keswick villagewinter korean memorial lacy lady bug lady slipper lake lancaster lancaster co. lancaster county lane lavender lawn leaf leaves lebanon county lefever letters lettersbeach liberty library of congress liftoff light light rays lighted lighthouse lightning lilies lincoln lincoln memorial little egret lobster claws lobster traps lodge lone lone tree long love lower lunch lupines m.l.k. magnifiers magnolia maidenhair fern mailboxes maine mainemoon maineold male male cardinal mall mallard manhattan bridge manhattanbridge maple maples marina mars marshall point mating ritual meadow meerkat memorial mirror mist monarch monet monument moon moonrise morning mosaics moth mother mother's day motion mountain mountains mourning dove moving mt. battie mt. madison mt. washington mt.ranier mu multiple images mums museum national park nature nave new england new hampshire new jersey new jerseyocean new york new yorkstatue night night time nj northeast kingdom november nubble nuthatch nyc oak ocean october oldtime opening openness orange orangutan orchid osprey ospreys overlook owl owl's head pa pacific pacific coast painted ladies palms pano panorama park passion flower pastels path patriotic pattern patterns peace peaceful pearls pebbles peeps pelican pelicans pemaquid pennsylvania pentagon philadelphia philadelphia art museum philadelphiaskyline photographer piano pier pileated pine island pink pink dogwoods piping plain planet planets playground plover point bonita pond porch port clyde portland portland head posing post office preening presidential range primrose princeton pub pumpkins purple queen anne's lace quiet raccoon rail fence railing railroad rainbow raindrops ramp ranch rapids raptor reaching red red barn red fox red maple reddish redorange redshouldered redveined eukianthus reeds reflection reflectiont remember rest ride ripples rising rittenhouse river road roadside robin rocks rocky rockyoverlook rose roseate roseraindrops roses rotunda rowing rows rubythroat rudbekia s sacrifice sailboats salking salmon san francisco sand sandpiper sandstone sanibel sanibel causeway sausalito sayings school schuylkill schuylkill river sea oats seashells seasons seed head seedhead seeds semipalmated septa setting shadows shells show side aisle signs silhouette silky singing skies sky skyline skylines slouds smallest smoke stack smooth smow snapdragon snow snowdrop snowdrops snowflakes snowman snowy soldiers sparrow spectrum spice bush spider spider web spinning splendor spoonbill spotlight spring springblue springorchid springtime springtulips spruce spruce trees st. patrick's cathedral stained glass stairs stairway stars station statue stealth steam engine steps stillness stone stone stairs stores strands stream suet sugar maple sumac summer sun sunbeams sundown sunflower sunflowercorn flower sunflowers sunrise sunset super supreme court swallowtail swings table takeoff tall tea tea room tern texas the capitol the wall thistle thistles thunderclouds tidal basin tide time exposure tiny fingers titmouse tombstones train translucent tree trees treessky trillium trolling truck trunks tufted tufted titmouse tulip poplar tulips turtle twilight two u.s. capitol umbrella up us capitol v va vacation valentine's day valley green vaulted vaulted ceiling veins venus vermont victorian vietnam vietnam memorial village vintage vt wader waders wagon walk walkway wall waller's gazelle warrington washington washington cathedral washington monument washington state washingtonmonument washnigton water water lilies wave waves weathered web wheat field white white watersky whitebreasted whitethroated wild flowers wildflower wildflowers willet willets windmill windows wings winter winter. song sparrow wissahickon creek wood duck wood storks woodpecker woods world trade center wreaths wren yachts yellow yellow crowned york beach zebra zinnias zoom